Resources for getting started

When starting a new meetup group, it’s very important to get people’s attention, maintain their interest and build momentum. Each week you’ll need useful, engaging ideas to talk about. Coming up with new ideas each week can be challenging. That’s why we're putting together a collection of resources to help you with that task.

If you are looking for help organizing meetups or events be sure to check the EA Wiki page on local groups. If you get sent questions which you're unsure how to answer you can check this list of frequently asked questions about effective altruism.

Additionally, there’s a Facebook group for local EA groups, which we encourage you to join, where you can communicate with other group leaders. There’s also an email group for all local EA presences. There you can ask questions or see what others post. To join, click ’Subscribe to this group’.

We’re also putting together a collection of resources, each containing a different meetup topic and all the notes and materials you’ll need to run it. Even if the concepts are new to you, they’re designed to be easily accessible, so any organizer can present them.

These resources are only suggestions. You are free to run meetups on any topic you think is important, and we encourage you to deliver these resources in your own words if you have ideas about how to tailor them to your group.

New resources are in development all the time. And if you have ideas for a new module, or feedback on existing ones, get in touch with a THINK organizer (email checked and answered daily):